There is hardly anyone who may not have heard of this line but hardly anyone may know if this line holds the truth until they have gone through the journey.

It’s not an emotional post rather I’m trying to put the facts about love so that one can know the situation in which they are 🙂

Fact is, there is nothing like Love at first sight but it is Attraction at first sight. The funniest part is that we know this truth somewhere in our head but we try to suppress it because the feeling of having someone in our life is so awesome. You behave differently for that person, you try to make them feel special and if the same thing happen from the other side then it’s a bingo but what if it’s a big no

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Don’t be afraid of helping others

How you feel, when you give something to a person who doesn’t have it, it not just brings happiness to him but also to your heart. But the major challenge you face is whom to help. How would you make sure, that person is not lying, that organisation is not lying and hence at last you restrict yourself and limit your boundaries.

So, I decided to write a post to let you know my perception, how I see things and help people. There are lot of people who has a very wrong perception in their mind about:

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If you are not failing then you are not moving, you are in a box of situations / goals created by [others / your society] and you are trying to accomplish it (getting a job in big company, earning money higher than anyone you know, getting the biggest house, getting a car) these comparisons are creating an illusion around you [A BOX] that this is your goal. But do you really think is that what makes you happy? Even when you fail in accomplishing them you try to think positive to live with them because you don’t trust yourself. If you really want to know real you, you have to feel that box / cage [created by others] and you have to step out and think what you exactly want, go into your childhood and try to remember what you felt, when you saw an older woman begging for a coin, what you decided to be or how you decided to help her, or anything which strikes you to be something, bring that real you in yourself, dream it now and but do set a goal because …  




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