Know me from my journey

Kshitij Kulshrestha
Lives in Singapore
From Ajmer, Rajasthan, India

Lead Data Engineer, Tookitaki

I am Lead Data Engineer, working with internal products to boost the process of data movement from raw to something which makes sense.We are focusing on building products to automate every data movement with auto-tuning capabilities, preventing fail overs, increasing performance, customising complex technologies to get them working in our way. I work closely with Data Science team and building an analytical platform to suffice the requirement of our 2 main products Anti Money Laundering Suite and Reconciliation Suite.

Journey @


Implementing all my learnings and continuously learning lot of new things, there is one person here who inspire me always with whatever he does, he is a good leader and work very smartly: Sudheer
It’s a spaceship, we are working on a very complex thing and try to solve lot of things everyday. We are at the stage of fly higher and higher.


Got nourished here, met Idan, Alon, Fiat and Vishal, they all have changed my perception and the way to look things, I improved my leadership skills from Alon, patience from Fiat, code from Vishal and focus from Idan. They are superb and no one can replace them…


It was fun here, it all started here, in mapreduce -> hive -> pig -> scala -> spark -> neo4j -> graph analytics -> machine learning …

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