There is hardly anyone who may not have heard of this line but hardly anyone may know if this line holds the truth until they have gone through the journey.

It’s not an emotional post rather I’m trying to put the facts about love so that one can know the situation in which they are 🙂

Fact is, there is nothing like Love at first sight but it is Attraction at first sight. The funniest part is that we know this truth somewhere in our head but we try to suppress it because the feeling of having someone in our life is so awesome. You behave differently for that person, you try to make them feel special and if the same thing happen from the other side then it’s a bingo but what if it’s a big no

Let’s divide it into 2 situations:

1. It’s a Bingo:
Other person feels the same for you and it happened in a very short span of time and now you both have started sharing emotions, feelings and started making each other to feel special, once time passes you come to know about bad part of each other.

a. After knowing that if your relationship sustain then you may end up having a true love

b. What if they don’t like your bad part or something which you like but they don’t
This situation you may end up in having a break up and if this happens then you never been into love you were compromising to prove your decision of choosing someone by just looking at him/her at first sight.
It’s a very painful situation and it will give you a pain of loosing someone whom you never loved, so think twice before proposing or accepting proposal of someone whose bad side you may not know or ignoring because of your hormone.

2. It’s a Big No
I call it’s a very fortunate situation where things end before even they start but still few people take this on their ego and try to put themself and other person in a very confusing and a loop situation but you need to understand that it doesn’t matter if it would have been a Yes or No because you are trying to pretend other and yourself that you love them and they love you.

We need to understand that love is not a boundation but it's a freedom that we provide to feel safe & happy.

Love is a magical moment, it’s a beautiful thread that tie 2 person in an environment agreed by both of them by mutual understanding over the period of time after having so many fights.
This may take 1 year, 2 years or 4 years depending on the frequency of both getting involve with each other.

For that you don’t have to pre commit each other, here are the following steps which one should take to have graceful entry or exit:
1. Friendship is the very first step that we should always take, after that just be with them.
2. If you are still not having fights then you are still not comfortable with each other and showing your good face, once you get into arguments and show real you to each other then things will either move ahead or just stop but with mutual discussion, so still if you revert from this point then it won’t be that much painful because you know the logical reason.
2. But even after that, If you both like each other’s friendship then this relationship will slowly move to be the best friendship.
3. This phase could be more harder than the previous phase because here you will get into more details of each other and you may not like certain things.
4. Now at this point you would be very clear about their decision, either they like you as a friend or they have feelings for you.

Since it’s a magical feel, so now you may not need to say I LOVE YOU anymore 🙂 ❤

Left side Vini and right side Kshitij

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