Don’t be afraid of helping others

How you feel, when you give something to a person who doesn’t have it, it not just brings happiness to him but also to your heart. But the major challenge you face is whom to help. How would you make sure, that person is not lying, that organisation is not lying and hence at last you restrict yourself and limit your boundaries.

So, I decided to write a post to let you know my perception, how I see things and help people. There are lot of people who has a very wrong perception in their mind about:

Why should I help ?

They say whatever I’ve today is whatever I’ve earned from my own hard work or my family hard work. Why should I help someone who didn’t do the hard work and now he is suffering.

The answer to this question is very deep, you need to understand whatever you have today is not just because of your hard work, it’s also because you got the opportunity to do so.

Now when you say opportunity, it’s a series of events happening since your childhood which results into a considerable situation to move ahead and do the hard work.

Now that series of events is in millions / billions / trillions and you never know who contributed where, your teacher who dedicated her time to make you understand, your driver who dropped you on time, your auto rickshaw who saved you once otherwise you won’t have exists, just like this there are uncountable help you got from others.

So, let’s help others and contribute in creating an opportunity for them to move forward in life.

Whom to help ?

You don’t trust organisation, you don’t trust people who beg. Then what should you do ?

You need to think a bit more here, you need to analyse the person who is begging, if he / she is an old personality then why does it matter if they even lies because I can’t see my grandparents to be in such condition and then I’ll be helping them out with whatever I can.

Maids, street vegetable sellers or any other worker with small wages, please don’t bargain from them, try to give more to them. Try to ask them if you can help them with their daughter wedding or a child education or anything that make you feel happy.

If you don’t have time, then you can opt for an organisation, there are lot of organisation who provides you the proof of authenticity, you can dig deeper to check if they are valid or not. Since everything is online now so it’s a bit transparent to see whom you’ll be helping and for what reason, Ketto is one of them.

There is one interesting question, I usually get from the people, it may seems selfish but it’s just their curiosity, they ask…

What if everyone get educated then who will do the cleaning work, driving work or other small wages work ?

It’s a very interesting question and I do have a very interesting answer to that, when people are educated they figure out the smartest way to do things. If I talk about cleaning the pit holes, today they are doing by themselves but if they educate their child, then their child can build a robot / machine to do so. In a similar way maid can be replaced, anything can be done. So it indirectly answers another question that today machines are replacing man and they are getting unemployed so if we educate them then can contribute in automating this whole world and sky is the limit.

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